Snow has returned to the Midwest. I deci

About Me

C.A.© is a writer, photographer, and artist. She is a American State National. She has been writing since the age of twelve. Her photography experience spans over 15 years. During high school, she learned photography on film under a graduate from the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Missoula, Montana.  Since 2010 she has lived in the Twin Cities and has worked as a contract photographer for First Day Photo, as a freelance baby and family photographer, and as a graphic designer. She specializes in portraits, nature, and travel photography. 


Please feel free to take a look around this site. Here you will find her portfolio and her blog, where she discusses, not only photography, but also art, law, living for God, and more. From time to time you may also find journal-style entries, meant to offer encouragement and inspiration.  


For session inquiries, please fill out the contact form or send an email to She will be happy to respond to any questions.