Add this to The List of Things That Make Me Emotional - 2020 edition.

On Sunday, I had the privilege of taking engagement photos for my eldest niece and her fiancé. After two long months of quarantine, we ventured out to Centennial Lakes Park for a hot, humid and, dare I say, adorable photo shoot.

We had hoped for rain (as forecasted), but ended up with full, mid-day sun. The weather, much like the rest of 2020, has continued to be unpredictable.

It is still hard to believe that she is old enough to get married. In my mind, she is a spunky seven-year-old with a baby doll on her hip, helping to wrangle her little brothers.

If only my mind would catch up to reality.

Congratulations, Julia & CJ. I pray that your marriage is one filled with joy, love, immense growth, and mutual respect that can withstand any and every storm that life throws your way.

Many blessings.

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